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Hawaiian Flower Perfumes

Pure handmade Hawaiian flowers fragrances by Ajith. 

"Aloha! I just wanted to let you know how I discovered this wonderful perfume. A friend at work walked by and she smelled amazing. I turned around and followed her to her office and then asked what she was wearing. She pulled out a bottle of Anela. I absolutely love it! Thank you." --KirstenThere you go: another intriguingly smelling customer veiled in one of the pure, irresistible, natural Hawaiian fragrances created in Hawaii by Ajith of Kaneohe.  His exclusive Hawaiian colognes capture the romance, the magic and the mystique of the famous fragrances of our Hawaiian islands and will make lasting, yet affordable Hawaiian gifts. No synthetics. No chemicals.  Just the natural essence of tropical Hawaiian florals and other exotic island botanicals. Comes with attractive handmade lauhala mini gift basket and a bouquet of aloha. Exclusively available from Hawaiian Days.

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