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Five New Bamboo Door Bead Styles

I've been in this business a long time, but it's still exciting (well, to some degree at least) when we add new images to our assortment of hand painted bamboo curtains. This time we went for vibrant colors and came home with parrots, dolphins, and even a bright red British telephone booth, perhaps our most unusual style ever. We think they'll soon adorn kid's rooms doorways, office walls, laundry room doorways, or hang in front of open closets in many an American home or place of work.

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Written by Rudolf Helder — June 07, 2014

The Super Dense Natural Bamboo Curtain With 120 Strands (!) Has Returned

If you are looking for a bamboo curtain that offers optimal coverage and minimum transparency, then the Natural Bamboo Curtain with extra high strand count is your answer. Commonly called bamboo doorway curtains, or beaded bamboo curtain, or bamboo beaded door hanging, our variety is handmade from extra thin yet durable bamboo shafts, or beads, that allow for more beads per curtain and therefore better coverage for your walk-in closet, open closet, or laundry room concealment without sacrificing access since you just walk through the loose hanging strands of a bamboo beaded curtain. See them here.

These high density natural bamboo doorway hangings cost us more to make because they take longer to fabricate, so you'll pay a little more, but the benefits are worth it in our opinion, and apparently those of our customers too as every specially made batch usually sells out fast, and with zero returns. Will bamboo curtains last for life? That's up to you. We do not recommend hanging them outside where sun, wind, and rain can do damage. But, we've sold many that have served their owners many years as a bamboo doorway partition, often to a patio or doorway that opens up to a garden.

Find your 120 strands high coverage bamboo doorway bead curtain here.

Consider that a bamboo hanging curtain allows for pass-thru of air, pets, and a host with hands full of trays, but not so much of bugs if you don't hang them too high. When moved the bamboo beads produce a pleasant and natural sound of hollow bamboo shafts touching, which to our ears sounds to the rustle in the trees, or the babble of a brook. All of our bamboo door beads therefore make great companions for yoga rooms, spa's, massage rooms, treatment rooms, meditation rooms, or any place where peace, quiet, and calmness is preferred.

Buy your quiet and natural doorway bamboo curtain here.

Do's and don'ts: Do whatever you want in front or behind our natural bamboo bead curtains. It's up to you, but be mindful of the following: This sustainable bamboo curtain is not a machine made product. The bamboo stalks are selected in nature, harvested in a way that lets younger saplings wax to maturity, air-dried, and cut by people that often work as a team from one or more villages in Vietnam. Families then string the beads with skillful hands onto a wooden bar, after which the unfinished bamboo curtain is transported to the artisan workshop where it is varnished and/or painted with a decorative design, dried, packaged and shipped. Bamboo curtains have been produced in Vietnam for over 150 years. Your purchase of a bamboo curtain supports not only the environment by not buying plastic, or other factory-made and resource-depleting alternatives, it also helps support small businesses and families that live in rural areas. We have visited them personally on several trips to our suppliers.

Buy our natural high density bamboo curtain hanging here.

Written by Rudolf Helder — September 25, 2013


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