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Vintage Hawaiian Art Prints Posters, Charming Reminders of Paradise

If you have not yet discovered our Hawaiian Days Collection of vintage Hawaiian prints section you owe it to yourself to check it out and be entertained by our collection of vintage hawaiian art prints posters images spanning the first half of last century in nostalgic terms. You can find a selection here.

 Our vintage Hawaiian prints have stood the test of time by becoming more interesting over the years by offering us a glimpse in a time less rushed, one in which the mystery surrounding our islands was intact, as reflected in travel brochures, books, movies, music, and postcards. We have over the years collected many of such vintage Hawaiian art images and turned into interesting and colorful conversation pieces that charm us with their naïveté and romantic approach. 

 We have sold our Hawaiian Days Collection of vintage Hawaiian art prints posters to cruise ships, hotels, home owners and businesses, from clinics to law offices, looking to establish a link to the past and Hawaii. If you're buying or selling a home in Hawaii the transaction is often completed right next to our vintage Hawaiian art prints adorning the walls. Indeed, no home with Hawaii lovers is complete without at least one of our fun and informative, elegant or decorative vintage Hawaiian art prints posters. See the complete collection of Hawaiian prints here.

Some of the categories of vintage Hawaiian prints include Hawaiian travel ads, Hawaiian travel-related prints, which always give us awesome feedback, as they are true ambassadors of Hawaii illustrious past.

Our Hawaiian Days Collection of Hawaiian prints are manufactured on high grade paper or canvas, printed with archival inks, and come with a double shot of aloha.

To be fair, Hawaiian Days is not the only company producing prints of vintage Hawaiian art, so why would you choose us over our competition? Below, we offer you some comparisons without falsely accusing our 'competitors' or intending to bring damage to their business, not even the ones that have painstakingly copied our prints! We believe that just like us they want to impress you with their best images. We simply explain why our vintage Hawaiian art images look as good as they do. Ultimately, the choice is yours and while some of our 'competitors' are more expensive, others may save you a nickel. However, if it comes to quality there's simply no comparison. That said, let's compare!

First, all our vintage Hawaiian art prints are Giclée Art Prints, not posters (even if we use the shorter word 'poster' as we do throughout the website), so what's the difference? Our Hawaiian Days Collection Giclée Art Prints are of the same quality or better as Limited Edition Fine Art Prints you may find at a gallery. They are printed using 8-color Archival-Quality Pigmented Inks on heavyweight papers or mudeum quality canvas, while posters are printed using the same 4-color process inks as used for magazines on flimsy 20 Lbs. paper. Posters will soon fade and turn blueish, while our prints are guaranteed not to fade for at least 80 years when kept behind UV-glass or UV-Plexiglass and away from direct sunlight.



Written by Rudolf Helder — September 26, 2013


Products designed and/or produced in Hawaii is what interests us, and hopefully you too. Check 'em out!