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'Tropical Flowers' Bamboo Door Beads

Just the other day, one of our customers couldn't stop talking about how pretty the bamboo door curtain was we'd sent her. We had one brought up from the stock room and hung it out and well, you know what, it was pretty, or rather is, in a retro sort of way that seems to fit just about any style apartment. As I made the hollow bamboo beads tinkle pleasantly by running my finger over the strands it got me thinking how easy it is to lose track of all the pretty styles we carry, because these bamboo door beads only shine when they're out of the box and hang in one's room, doorway, or closet space, all or any of which, by the way, will be upgraded that very moment, because these bamboo door beads are painted with tropical flowers, after having been expertly and patiently handcrafted from many hundreds of small natural bamboo beads that, strung together into a dense 96 strands, let in the breeze while keeping flying insects out. 

Yes, bamboo door beads  or bamboo room hangings are the perfect choice for patios, porches, doorway openings, or as room dividers, wall hangings, or bamboo wall treatments. Your pets will love these bamboo door beads curtains. And you’ll love them because you no longer have to open the door for them. This colorful fish bamboo door beads hanging gives your home a touch of tropical decor that only natural materials offer.

Measurements are 36” wide x 78” high/90×200cm (standard door size). Curtains come fully assembled and ready to hang. 



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