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Anjali - Hawaiian Perfume by Ajith

The much treasured aroma therapist and master perfumier, Ajith, has created a new Hawaiian perfume 'Anjali,' a fresh, faintly intoxicating exotic island fragrance with a top note of Hawaiian Gardenia. Anjali brings the seductive scents of Hawaiian flora wherever you venture in a world in which subtlety is often hard to find. That's where you come in... Wear it, and be amused by the gentleness it evokes in even the hardest of characters.
(30 ml)

Our irresistible Hawaii fragrances capture the romance, the magic and the natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and make great Hawaiian gifts. No synthetics. No chemicals. Just the natural essence of tropical florals and other exotic island botanicals. Naturally, they make for an excellent and exclusive (try finding them elsewhere!) Hawaiian gift. Basket not included. Request a sample.


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