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Haiku Road - Hawaiian Perfume by Ajith

Haiku Road' by Ajith is a Hawaiian perfume like no other. Cloak yourself in the quiet rush of cool cucumber and green tea top notes and expect the unexpected at every turn. After all, you are as adventurous as you are calculating, weighing the risks that may bring you rapturous romance or the splendid satisfaction a slowly reeled-in catch...

Oh, and if you are a man, perhaps left at the altar with a broken nose and a dropped bottle of Ajith's alluring Hawaiian fragrance, dab some beside your tears and be on your merry way, as you too will like the light Hawaiian breeze that tugs at the heartstrings on Haiku Road. 

50 ml/1.7 fl. oz.

Our irresistible Hawaii fragrances capture the romance, the magic and the natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and make great Hawaiian gifts. No synthetics. No chemicals. Just the natural essence of tropical florals and other exotic island botanicals. Basket not included. Request a sample.


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