hawaiian days

If you are the kind of person who likes to collect coins, vintage postcards, memorabilia, or maybe old record album covers, then you know how it feels when you stumble on something made with old-fashioned care and materials that trigger a strong feeling of nostalgia in you. Time-honored traditions and old-world craftsmanship still persist to this day, but it's getting more expensive to acquire it. Maybe you collect posters and prints, the old, vintage kind. If so, we offer a wide range of vintage, old-fashioned Hawaian prints and posters, and now also a range of contemporary prints that are all made, one by one, just for you, just like in the old days, except with the latest state of the art equipment (except our handmade items, which, you guess it, are made by hand).

Maybe, if you came here not by accident, chances are that you have an interest in Hawaii, or maybe in nostalgic posters and prints of Hawaii's past, such as vintage surfing pictures, hula-dancing girls, and Hawaii's beautiful landscapes. And then there's the way the these vintage prints and posters look in your home. They bring art, warmth, and a yearning for the quality of life in paradise. And a bit of paradise in your home? Come on, who can resist that idea? Our vintage Hawaii posters add some of that with their nostalgic art and subject matter.

And of course, Hawaiian nostalgia doesn't scream on your wall with bright, over-saturated colors. Yellows are warmer. Blues are rich rather than bright. Reds are muted rather than firey. Then, there are the art deco style figures in some of the Hawaiian prints, giving them a feeling of times when people were more graceful, elegant, and apparently still had time to reflect. If your home could benefit from a touch of warmth and color, our retro Hawaiian posters and prints are perfect accents to make every room come alive.

Written by Rudolf Helder — February 10, 2014


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