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Naples, FL had some questions and we thought let's put the exchange between customer and customer service online.

"How big of a difference is there between the 96 and 135 strands bamboo curtains? (I don’t mind transparency…but I will be passing thru them often—is one “stronger” or “thicker/more durable” than the other?) Thank you so much in advance…great website." ~ Naples, FL


"Aloha Naples, FL, We carry both 96 and 135 strands and we pay much more for 135 because they are denser, which takes longer to manufacture (bamboo beaded curtains are produced entirely by hand) and therefore offer better coverage, but, as the strands are loose hanging there's always some transparency, except when hung in front of a dark space, such as a closet or unlit room.

As for longevity, we have over the years had bamboo curtains from different manufacturers in our homes and office and we deliberately "abuse" them more than can be expected in normal usage. In general there's little difference, as the people in Vietnam that make them have been doing it for hundreds of years. Do you know of any other product that is that consistent in popularity? Of course, over time we have settled on those manufacturers that deliver constant quality. Depending on your care or lack thereof they may over time suffer from normal wear and tear and we know of people that have ordered a backup curtain to source a strand or two from to replace those that may have become damaged. Or you could just live with it until it's time to reorder, again depending on how and where you use them. If just between rooms, kitchen, or closet, and they're not getting abused they will last surprisingly long. We had reports from anywhere between 5-10 years, during which some hung on patios, exposed to humidity, sun, and bad weather. As for good and safe usage we tell people to not just let the strands drag over them as they walk through, but rather use a hand or elbow or shoulder ( in case you have both hands full) to part the strands first, after which you can "glide" through them. If carrying things you may want to practice the "backward" approach, so as not to entangle yourself, your hand, or the items you're carrying. Common sense always prevails. Well, that's about all I can tell you.

I hope you'll soon be among our thousands of satisfied customers :)" ~ Customer Service


"Thank you SO much! Exceptionally informative (a rarity anymore on the internet/businesses) Bravo to you. I purchased today the 135 strand. Thanks again…kudos to your operation." ~ Naples, FL

"You're welcome, and mahalo for your patronage! Enjoy your bamboo beaded curtain!" ~ Customer Service

Written by Rudolf Helder — February 06, 2014


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